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Why guys have hand fetishes?

According to a survey conducted by a UK erotic retailer, up to 75 percent of people will have at least one sexual fetish. While BDSM came out on top (most likely in part due to Fifty Shades of Grey) there are also sure to be many other fetishes that tickle people’s fancy.

One of the less common ones is hand fetishism which tends to lend itself mainly to the male population who love to watch hand videos, take part in scenarios, and catch the latest HD videos with hands up close and personal. It may seem weird, but it’s a valid fetish all the same.

What is a Hand Fetish?

Having a hand fetish means you are sexually attracted to hands. It might be a woman’s hands, a male’s hands, or both. It can be the entire hand including the wrist, or it can even be a single part of the hand such as the nails, palms, or fingers. There is also a sub-type called fingernail fetishism which involves an infatuation with nails. People with this fetish may play it out by scratching themselves with the fingernails, manicuring them, or painting them.

How Do Men Express Their Hand Fetish?

Because fetish porn is widely catered for online, it’s not uncommon to find hand videos, and HD videos featuring women with beautiful hands. Rather than focus on sexual organs, the primary focus in these hand videos are, of course, the hands. Catering to someone with a hand fetish typically includes palm-licking, hand jobs, finger sucking, and fingering. All of which drive men with such an obsession wild.

Why Do Guys Have Hand Fetishes?

Because up to 75 percent of the population have at least one fetish and 28 percent have more than one, it’s hard to give one specific reason. Why do people have a fetish for BDSM? Or, why do people enjoy roleplay? It’s a preference, and some men find themselves sexually attracted to hands. Just like some men first notice a woman’s breasts when they meet her, a select group of men first spot their hands.

There is one theory currently in motion that may explain why men prefer hand videos over typical porn or that body part over another. It is thought that noticing the hands is a deep-set biological indication to find out whether a partner is an excellent potential life partner – and a healthy one. While it’s a natural trait, it has evolved into a sexual one where men watch HD videos for a chance at viewing a sexy, well-manicured hand.

How Common Are Hand Fetishes?

Because there are sections on pornography websites set aside for hand videos and HD videos featuring hands, it’s potentially more common than you would think. However, during a study in 2007 at the University of Bologna, it accounted for only a small part of the fetish population.

Researchers at the university gathered 5,000 participants to see how common fetishes in general were. They then looked at fetish communities to see what people typically had as their own fetish. Out of these 5,000 people, less than 700 referred to nails which are part of either foot or hand fetishism. Because the ‘nails’ reference could have also applied to toenails and foot fetishism, it was deemed that less than one percent of the fetish population had a fetish involving either hands or feet.

Can Hand Fetishes Not Be Sexual?  

While many people with hand fetishism, also known as hand partialism, are sexually attracted to hands, not all are. Some people have a specific attraction to the way the hands move – such as while doing housework, baking a cake, doing the washing, or even drying dishes. In this case, the fetish can then be associated with the physical connection as opposed to a sexual desire to use those hands for what you would see in hand videos.

If you have a hand fetish, or you know of someone who does, it’s not something of which to be ashamed. Fetishes are entirely normal, even those that manifest from a naturally-born instinct into a sexual desire. For the number of HD videos depicting hands, and hand videos in general, it’s clear to see it’s far more common than you think.

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