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Why do guys wear nail polish?

Although it’s getting more and more popular, wearing nail polish is still not seen as the norm for men. While most guys wear nail polish for the same reason as girls – for fun – men are often pressed to answer the question of what statement they are trying to make. Most guys who do it for fun will tell you they’re not trying to specifically express anything. No meaning has to be attached. The assumption that they are trying to make a statement is a cliché.

Alas, the all-pervasive stereotype – a guy can’t be doing something (like this) just for fun. In fact, guys can’t do anything just for fun…

Some guys who do this are, in fact, trying to make a statement – more specifically that against gender stereotypes. Others do it for reasons related to hygiene and self-care. The latter type does it just because they want to do something nice for themselves. It’s a personal touch if they want to spend time on themselves or prepare for some kind of event.

For example, many musicians get or give themselves a manicure before a performance. They say it gives them confidence and has even improved their shows on several occasions.

Male celebrities can often be seen wearing nail polish. Among those who have been are Johnny Depp, Seal, Brad Pitt, the Hemsworth brothers, and Zac Efron. The Hemsworth brothers and Zac Efron did it to support a good cause – prevention of violence against children and raising awareness for child abuse victims as part of the Polished Man campaign.

Can guys wear clear nail polish?

Guys can wear colored or clear nail polish. A good reason to wear clear nail polish is because of the benefit to your nails and cuticles. Some clear varieties are medical grade and can be quite expensive. There is a stereotype that the more money a guy makes, the higher the likelihood of him caring about his appearance, which (of course) would include the nails. Often, this means wearing clear polish. Some men prefer a shiny coat, and others – matte. It’s a matter of choice. Of course, men will want to know what nail polish is best, just like anyone else.

A lot of them think it looks good. Is the money thing just a stereotype? It tends to be true in the vast majority of cases.

Guys who wear nail polish

People tend to find it most common – and acceptable – among musicians to wear nail polish. Harry Styles wears nail polish, as did David Bowie. One survey showed that most of the people who knew men that wear nail polish also said these guys were in a band. Of course, this isn’t to say it’s not acceptable if you’re a guy who is not a musician. Or that it’s not acceptable in general.

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