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Which Type Of Nail Polish Stays On The Longest

Why do women paint their nails? The answer is very simple, because it can make them feel beautiful, attractive, and confident. There are so many nail polishes out in the market nowadays because of its never ending stable industry. Its new texture finishes nowadays are to die for. Not to mention the how-to-paint-your-nails tutorials you can find all over video streaming, social media and blogs that can push you to DIY your own nails as well.

There are many types of nail polish with different finishes. Of course, the longer the polish stays on your nails, the better. Chipping is the number one enemy of women after painting their nails. To help you out, below are the types that can last longer than any types of nail polish. Take note that nail polishes last longer if you take care of your hands. Some nail polishes also stain moreso than others. If that happens to you, you’ll need a guide on getting nail polish out of carpets and fabrics.

Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish can create an edgy and classic look. It does not have shine or luster but it has a subtle glow that is pleasing to the eyes. It is ideal for formal occasions and can be paired with any outfits. Though it is very difficult to apply, you may need a nail technician to apply it for you. Its texture lasts long. Though it is prone to chipping, it can surely last longer with proper nail preparation, using of quality nail polish, right application technique and applying additional topcoat after.

Sheer Nail Polish

Sheer nail polish is a very natural to look at type of nail polish. It’s like you’re in a no-makeup-look-day but is actually wearing a make-up. It can make nails look slender, lady-like and natural looking. Just make sure you topcoat your nails for an extra chip protection.

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish looks and feels natural on hands. What’s another good thing about this is that, it stays shiny and dries out really fast when cured under a UV light or LED lights. It lasts longer than a regular nail polish, about two to three weeks with proper care. To make it more durable, pop your hands under the UV light or LED a little longer so the polish will firm up a little more. No wonder, women are getting crazy over this type of nail polish. Top nail salons are also swearing at this.

Cream Finish Nail Polish

Cream nail polish is the one you regularly use. It is by far the most recognizable type of nail polish. It comes in solid color (no additives) and is very easy to use. It can be worn in any occasion because of its versatility, which is perfect if you like changing your nail colors a lot.

Suede Finish Nail Polish

Suede nail polish is closely similar to matte nail polish but is slightly shimmery. It can look slightly metallic, has more texture than matte and often provides more interesting and catchy colors. It has the same durability like matte nail polish and the only difference is you don’t really have to topcoat them.

Above all the types of nail polishes, gel nail polish can be worn the longest because it can last about two to three weeks. Mainly because of its ingredients and with the help of UV light.

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