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What is the Difference Between Setting Spray and Finishing Spray?

Setting sprays and finishing sprays are two different products with the same goal. Both setting and finishing spray keep your make-up looking great longer. So, is there a difference between the two? The broad answer is yes. A setting spray serves to make your make-up stay where you have applied it and removes the tendency of make-up to slide around the face after prolonged wear. Setting spray blends layers of make-up together into one, more natural, look.

The function of finishing spray is to moisten your skin and keep your make-up looking dewy and fresh. As the name implies, finishing spray is the last step of your make-up routine. A finishing spray is something you may also want to reapply at some point to freshen the look of your make-up and avoid any caking that might occur.

Do I need both?

Since the products are both working to carry out the same goal, most people ask themselves if they need both products. The answer is, for most skin types, yes. Why?

  • They both use different means to accomplish the same goal; however, their job isn’t redundant. If you want your makeup to stay in place and retain a fresh and natural look, you need both products.
  • Setting spray, by itself, can be drying to the skin. If you make this your last step, you can find that your make-up tends to settle into any fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Finishing spray helps to keep your make-up looking fresh and prevents it from developing a cakey look.
  • Finishing spray can serve a double purpose. Use it to moisten your eye brushes slightly, and your eyeshadow pigment will appear more vibrant and last longer once it is applied.

When and how do I apply them?

As make-up is now an art form, the last thing we want to know is that we need to add another step to the process. Rest assured that both setting and finishing spray are quick applications that do not require you to learn a new skill.  Once you learn the necessary steps for your make-up, and the shortcuts you can take, applying make-up should be as easy as ever.

To understand when and how to apply setting and finishing spray, follow these tips:

  • Use a light mist of setting spray after your primer, concealer, and any contouring you do to your face.
  • Apply another light all-over mist of setting spray once you have completed applying your make-up.
  • When the setting spray has completely dried, complete your look with an all-over finishing spray. Hint: you may want to keep your finishing spray with you to refresh your look throughout the day or evening.

Understanding the ingredients can help you understand how to use each product. Some finishing sprays end up labeled as setting spray. Why do some brands do this? Setting spray is a more familiar term, and consumers associate it with being the product they need to hold their make-up in place.

Most setting sprays will contain alcohol near the top of the list of ingredients. Finishing sprays will contain no, or very little alcohol. Instead, you will see oils, often botanical, listed near the top of the ingredients. These oils serve to add moisture to the skin while maintaining the look you worked hard to accomplish.

If you have excessively dry skin, you may want to skip the setting spray and just use a finishing spray. For most types of skin, the application of both products will help to keep your make-up in place and keep it looking fresh and natural.

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