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What is the best nail polish color for redheads?

As a redhead, there’s practically no nail polish color you can’t rock. Redheads always stand out from the crowd. Still, we have some awesome tips and tricks to really get your nails to shine. Read on to check them out!


Beige is a very ‘redhead friendly’ color, in particular for natural redheads because it brings freckles out, and there is nothing cuter and more charming than that. Another great reason to choose this color is that one single application is enough to really let the polish shine. You will look like you just got back from (or never left) the beach! If fall is approaching, beige will match your clothes accordingly.

Glitter Rose Gold

Rose gold is perfect for special events. It works best with luxury attire and was practically invented for redheads! Just make sure you use clear polish over it so the glitter doesn’t fall off.


Jade isn’t the first color that will come to a redhead’s mind when they are wondering what nail polish to put on, but we guarantee it does make nails stand out. Your hands will look like they’re covered with precious stones. What is more, green is surprisingly the perfect color for a redhead, especially a green- or hazel-eyed one.


This is an obvious choice, which is why it’s a bit lower on our list. What you might not have known is that it’s best paired with red lipstick and at least one red accessory. Red bottoms are a classic. Red nail polish can be worn all year round. Don’t be afraid to experiment with variations of red, such as bold cranberry, coral red, orange red, or neon. Redheads look astounding in cranberry shades though they’re a better choice in fall and winter.

Pastel (Nude-Based)

If summer is approaching in your part of the world, take a delicate “detour” by choosing soft, pastel-colored polish. It’s ideal in spring. Make sure you pair it with pastel clothes. Red hair and a nude-based color are a match made in heaven. This color will work with practically any type of attire in any tone.


Bold redheads could opt for a neon nail polish this season, especially as a pedicure. Paired with a fun set of sandals or flip-flops, it’s sure to make an impression.


Although not a top choice among redheads, metallic can be worn as a way of making a statement. You can apply it to some of your nails selectively for a more subdued effect if you want to. Metallic nails will generally attract attention, acting like a glitter.

Final Tip

Redheads shouldn’t hesitate to choose a color that they’ve never opted for before. Just make sure to choose the best nail polish and leave your comfort zone – nail polish is all about expressing your personality, showcasing your style, and having fun!

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