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What is a French Coffin Manicure?

Manicures have always used one of two basic nail shapes, round or square. The French Coffin Manicure has become popular because it offers a new shape and a wealth of different designs. The shape is narrowed to a point and then squared off.   The traditional French manicure is a healthy natural or light pink color, topped with white tips. The new french coffin updates the classic look and turns your nails into designer art.

The French Coffin Manicure works best on long and strong nails, and so it has become a popular choice for acrylic and gel nails. If you have naturally long nails, you can wear this style, but it will take work to maintain the edgy, dramatic look. The trendy look of the coffin manicure flatters nail wraps, along with the broad array of glitzy polish and nail designs. In deciding whether you prefer acrylic or gel for your next manicure, here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Gel nails have a more natural appearance
  • Acrylic nails do not require a UV light to cure their shape
  • Acrylic nails have a stronger chemical odor
  • Gel nails tend to be more expensive, but are not as harsh on your natural nails

The style is often referred to as the “deep French” manicure and has become popular with those seeking a little more glamour than the traditional French manicure. The style is also known as the “ballerina” manicure. It started appearing on runways last year, and with the help of social media, it became one of the most popular trends in manicures.

The term coffin refers to the shape of the nail, and coffin-shaped nails are trending in nail salons right now. When a coffin-shaped nail is tipped with a lighter color than the rest of the nail, then it becomes the French coffin manicure. These manicures can include everything from the traditional white tips over natural/pink colored nail to vibrant colors and designs.

The coffin shape adds a stylish update to your traditional manicure, and even in muted colors,  it exudes a sophisticated style. The new trend of the tapered and squared shape looks great in all colors, wraps, and styles.

To further glam up the French coffin manicure, accent nails look fantastic with this shape. An accent nail, usually one on each hand, is a nail done differently than the rest of the manicure. Accent nails typically have colors that compliment the rest of the manicure but add a dash of pizzazz. Some of the popular trends include diamond-studded or iridescent colors.

If muted elegance is more your style, you might want to consider the French ombre coffin nails. The ombre look takes out the sharp line of the lighter color on the tip. Instead, ombre nails fade to a brighter color as it travels down the nail.  The fade can be done in a dramatic fashion with the use of different colors, or it can be made to look very natural.

You want to pick the most flattering shape nail for your finger. The French coffin manicure has the added bonus of being flattering for any finger shape. If you have short or wide fingers, this manicure will give your hands a more elongated and elegant appearance.

If you are ready for a break from the standard French manicure, ask your nail stylist if the French coffin or deep French manicure are a good choice for you.

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