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The Best Nail Polish Brands In 2018

Nail polishes are definitely on top of the trends this year 2018. Just like clothes trend, the variation in colors and texture also depend on the season. Summer is the best way to wear bold hues like gray, green, glittery blue, warm copper, and so on. While spring is the best season to wear red, purple, and neutral earthy tone. Of course, you’ll want to look at other factors like natural complexion and hair colors. You want different nail polish for a redhead than for a brunette.

Nail polish trend never fails, the reason why many businesses are taking advantage of this. Even celebrities who are into beauty business formulate their own nail polishes because of its upwarding trend.

There are so many nail polishes that have different finishes in the market nowadays. As always, not all polishes are created the same. There are nail polishes that have nice claims but are disappointing once applied to the nails. Usually, these are the cheap nail polishes you can easily purchase anywhere.

Checkout the best nail polish brands this year 2018:

RGB Nail Color

This nail polish brand doesn’t use traditional chemicals used to harden nail polishes. Their own formula can keep chipping up to weeks. To date, they have 32 shades to choose from.

Nails, Inc.

With wide array of colors to choose from (150 shades), this brand gives its users a luminous nails without a need to apply a glossy topcoat for six days.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer nail polish colors are very sophisticated and on-point. You can choose from 16 colors such as Dark Cherries, Mink Brules and Pink Crush. It stays true to its color, very blendable and delivera high coverage.

Opi Nail Lacquer

There are numbers of salons who swear by the nail polishes of this brand. Not only because it has huge collection, it is sold everywhere and free from streak when applied. It also lasts a long time but should be dried longer than usual.

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is extremely when it comes to making women feel flawless and beautiful. Their miracle gel collection of nail polishes come in 47 shades plus a top coat. They are said to last up to 2 weeks with no chips. They can also dry up fastly than most of the other brands.


Essie is an American founded nail salon since 1981. It’s a go-to-nail brand of other nail salons, beauty stylists, celebrities, and professional in more than 100 countries around the world. It’s worth all the hype because of highly pigmented colors, easy to apply and wide variety of colors.


Aside from its highly recommendable cosmetics, Revlon is also in this 2018 for its wide array of nail polish and lower price than other brands. Each colors can stay up to five days without chipping, the quality are flawlessly salon-like and the finish are like gel-like shine.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs offers superior polishes with unique colors. The quality of its colors are like plasticized and are very smooth when applied. The colors are georgous and can lasts up to many days on the hand. They are chip resistant and dries off very easily with a shine you don’t have to top coat them.

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