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Is OPI Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Why do you have to use non-toxic nail polishes? The answer is because long-term usage of toxic nail polishes can lead to long-term consequences such as infertility, miscarriage, kidney and liver damage, dizziness, skin drying, allergy, eye and throat irritation, to some. The rapid growth of nail polish industry is clearly visible because of the popularity of nail art and the growing sales of nail polishes. So, it is inevitable to know if the nail polish you are using is non-toxic and will not give you health issues in the long run. Whether you’re getting a manicure or doing it yourself, here is some information.

One of the leading brands in the nail polish sector is the O.P.I. O.P.I is an American nail polish brand and popular salon nail polish that is reformulated in year 2006 removing the dibutyl phthalate, a chemical that is an endocrine disruptor and rated as top 10 most toxic chemical, in its ingredient. But, does the removal of dibutyl phthalate makes the O.P.I nail polish non-toxic?

If you are aware of the so-called “3-free” and “5-free”, OPI claims that their nail polishes are 3-free or “toxic trio”. Meaning, their nail polishes are free of dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. Dibutyl phthalate, as mention earlier is a chemical which is very dangerous to the health but necessary to keep your nails “chip free” and nail polish flexible. Formaldehyde is a preservative, sterilizer and an embalming chemical that is used to embalm dead bodies. This is used to keep your polish hard and fresh for a long time. Lastly is the toluene. Toluene is petroleum or coal tar derived chemical that makes your polish smooth. Over exposure to this chemical is said to be one of the causes of liver and kidney damage, anemia and decrease in red blood cell.

Though OPI nail polishes are free from the toxic trio, they still have more contents that are harmful to the health. If you will take a look at its label, you will see that it contains synthetic solvents like ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, propyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and diacetone alcohol. These solvents keep the nail polish smooth when applied but can cause irritation to the lung, eye and skin once over exposed. When it comes to plasticizers, OPI uses four kinds of chemicals to prevent chips and cracks. They are the trimethyl pentanyl diisobutyrate (TXIB), triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), ethyl tosylamide and camphor. Though they did not used dibutyl phthalate in their ingredients, they still have TPHP which is also an endocrine disruptor. Camphor, on the other hand, is a neurotoxin that can make your seizure when ingested and can cause liver damage when absorbed into the skin.

OPI declares that their nail polishes are free from the toxic that is why they are still widely used in beauty salons. But underlying are some chemicals that are still harmful to the health like the TPHP, tosylamide formaldehyde resin and benzophenone. Fortunately nowadays, many nail polish manufacturers are in the progress of leaving the harmful chemicals out of their long-lasting nail polishes. Which is a very good news for nail polish lovers out there.

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