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Is 24-Hour Makeup Bad for Your Skin?

Who wouldn’t want to wear makeup that can last all day and still look fantastic? Lots of brands have various products—from foundation to lipstick to mascara—that they claim can last for an entire day. However, while these products may look good, could they have long-term effects on the skin?

Below, we’ll discuss the effects of long-wearing makeup and whether these 24-hour makeup products are bad for your skin.

What is in 24-hour makeup?

24-hour makeup, whether marketed this way or actually does last for 24 hours, usually has a handful of ingredients that make the products resistant to fading and breaking down. These ingredients are silicone polymers, siloxanes or film-forming agents that cling onto the skin. While not necessarily harmful, these products can sometimes irritate the skin.

On top of that, products that claim to be 24-hour makeup are hygroscopic. This means that these products absorb moisture to keep them flexible and resistant to cracking. This moisture then helps the product form a film on the surface that makes it resistant to fading and rubbing off. The downside to this is that these products also absorb moisture from the skin, which can dry it out.

The pros and cons of 24-hour makeup

As asked before, who wouldn’t want makeup that looks great all day? If you look back at makeup from 20 years ago, you might find a handful that claimed to last all day. However, due to limited technology, these products stayed on the skin for hours, but they don’t look so great after about the 5th hour. The skin’s natural oils and exposure to the elements would break down these products.

Today, more and more brands come out with products that are flexible enough to blend in with the skin while tough enough to withstand heat, light exposure, rubbing, and sweat. They look great even if you wear them all day, no matter the heat and humidity. These products can look as great with 24 hours of wear as they did when you first applied them.

Keep in mind that while your makeup may withstand nearly anything, that doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin. Everyone has a different skin type and some are simply more resistant to breaking out than others. However, on average, having a foreign agent (like makeup) sitting on top of your skin for a whole day can lead to some irritation.

The skin needs to rest and renew itself every night. Each night, your skin sheds off dead cells to make room for new ones. This process happens throughout the day, but it mostly happens at night or you’re sleeping. If you wear makeup even while you sleep, your skin won’t be able to renew itself. The dead skin cells will remain trapped under your makeup, which can then lead to flaky, dry, or dull skin.

For those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, the effects can be worse. Dead skin cells and excess sebum can build up under the makeup and result in zits and pimples. While you may not notice it while you’re wearing makeup, it usually becomes more obvious the day after you’ve worn makeup for 24 hours.

How to prep your skin for 24-hour makeup

If you must wear makeup for 24 hours, you can still do so without irritating your skin as much. One of the best ways to prepare your skin for long-wearing makeup is to exfoliate and moisturize. This will lessen the dead skin cells that can irritate the skin, and it will also keep your skin hydrated enough to withstand the drying effects of long-wearing makeup. You can also use a hydrating mist to add a little more moisture to your skin throughout the day.

Just keep in mind that while 24-hour makeup isn’t inherently bad for your skin, it won’t do your skin any favors.

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