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How to Tell if Someone Has Had Lip Injections

Plump, plush lips are all the rage in Hollywood. Many of Tinseltown’s most famous actresses (and even actors) have had lip injections in the past. From Madonna to Jennifer Garner to Lindsay Lohan to Kylie Jenner, you can see the huge difference in their before and after pictures.

However, it can be hard to tell if someone has had lip injections if you haven’t seen their pictures pre-injection. In many cases, lip injections look so natural and proportionate that it can look like someone just has slightly poutier lips. There are times, however, when someone’s lip fillers look obvious, and not in a good way.

Here’s how to tell if someone has had lip injections even if you’ve never seen them before.

They look like they’re permanently pouting.

As mentioned earlier, well-done lip injections are barely noticeable. They look natural and proportional to the face. However, when someone has had lip injections, their lips can look very pouty in an unnatural way. When done badly, the lips protrude forward so much that they look like they’re making a pouty face.

Their cupid’s bow becomes less prominent.

While not everyone has a pronounced cupid’s bow, you can barely see a cupid’s bow on people who have gone overboard with the lip injections. Lip injections can alter the shape of the lips, and sometimes not in a good way. When they’re overdone, the natural curvature of the cupid’s bow stretches out to accommodate the extra mass on the lips.

This isn’t always a telltale sign, however. Some people go the extra mile by having additional injections to ensure that the cupid’s bow stays intact. However, since this is a tricky procedure, it’s not always executed well.

The skin on their lips looks stretched.

Lips naturally have lines. The skin on the lips is naturally thinner than the rest of the face. However, since the lips move a lot it has little lines that can stretch out when smiling or opening the mouth. When someone gets lip injections, these lines may diminish or disappear completely. That’s because the skin stretches out to accommodate the fillers.

Keep in mind that some people simply have smooth lips with less prominent lines. However, when someone wishes to make their lips significantly fuller through injections, the lips on their skin stretches so much that it can sometimes look like they’ll burst. This sign is more obvious on people who had thin lips and had lip fillers to make their lips super full.

The ratio between the upper and lower lip is off.

The upper lip is usually much fuller (about 1.6 times) than the lower lip in people who haven’t had lip injections. However, some people prefer a more pronounced upper lip than the lower lip. When the proportion is a little off, it can be a sign that someone has had lip injections. This is especially true when they’ve had lip injections only in the upper lip.

This is one of the most telling signs that someone has had lip injections. You can compare the texture of the upper lip and lower lip as well as the proportion. When the upper lip seems a lot heavier than the lower lip in a way that’s almost unnatural, it’s an almost sure sign that someone has had lip injections.

Their lips look stiff.

When someone has had lip injections, they’re basically making their lips swell to make them look fuller. Anything swollen is bound to feel more rigid. When a person who has had lip fillers either smiles, talks or eat, their lips often don’t move as much. That’s because the extra filling in their lips prevents them from moving their lips naturally, so the lips look stiffer.

On top of this, some people who have had lip injections tend to be extra careful with their lips. In some cases, it’s because the fillers are painful. However, in other cases, they simply don’t want to put pressure on their lips because they don’t want the filler to shift in their lips.

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