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How to Apply Makeup After Microneedling

Microneedling seems extremely painful, but it delivers some pretty great results. This procedure aims to help the skin produce collagen and skin tissue to make the skin smoother and firmer. However, the procedure and the immediate effects aren’t as pleasant. For one, the process involves using a dermaroller with small needles that prick the skin. This then results in tiny pricks in the skin that can cause swelling, redness, and tiny wounds.

Despite its seemingly invasive and painful method, many people can attest to how effective it is at completely renewing their skin. In fact, many go as far as to say that it beats all the other skincare methods in the market.

If you’re concerned about wearing makeup after micro needling, this is the guide for you. Makeup can potentially irritate your skin while it’s still red and raw, so you need to know how to apply it. Below is a quick guide to how to apply makeup after microneedling in a way that will make you look presentable yet won’t hinder the results.

Don’t wear any complexion products

Since your skin will be raw and red after microneedling, it can be tempting to cover it up with foundation, concealer, or powder. However, this will only hinder the healing process. Any makeup or even skincare product (except for mild moisturizer) on the skin can prevent it from responding properly to the treatment. That’s because your skin barrier is still healing 24-48 hours after the procedure. You wouldn’t want to further irritate your skin by putting anything on it.

However, you can still wear makeup in areas that aren’t affected by microneedling. For instance, you can wear lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. It’s a great way to still feel a little more put together even if your skin still feels raw.

Wait about three days before wearing makeup

Depending on how quickly your skin recovers from the procedure, you can already wear a bit of light makeup about 3 days after microneedling. Try to avoid 24-hour makeup. By then, the open skin will have healed. However, you should still consult with your dermatologist if you can wear makeup by then. They will probably advise you to avoid it. Though if you absolutely must wear makeup, they may allow you to wear hypoallergenic makeup or products with mild ingredients that are less likely to irritate the skin.

Apply makeup with a light hand and freshly washed tools

When applying makeup, be as gentle as possible. Even if any wounds have already healed by the 3rd or 4th day, it’s best to proceed with caution by using a light touch and soft brushes or sponges. Avoid any makeup that has a heavy fragrance, a thick consistency, or a drying formula. Instead, wear a light layer of foundation or concealer on areas that need it, and set it with a powder. When it comes to brushes and sponges, wash them thoroughly before use. This helps to ensure that you won’t introduce any bacteria to your skin.

What makeup to use

As for the style of makeup you choose to wear, you may want to go for a look that’s more on the natural side. A lightweight and breathable powder foundation can give you the coverage you need without suffocating the skin. Likewise, an MLBB lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and a hint of blush can be enough to enhance your features without looking too done up.

However, if you want a bolder makeup that will boost your confidence or distract from your healing skin, you can do that as well. Pick a bright or deep lipstick that will draw attention to your lips. You can also highlight your eyes with a smoky eyeshadow look, bold mascara, and polished brows.

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